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Solutions to Common Roof Problems

It’s always best to take a “prevention is better than cure” approach when dealing with roofing problems. Leaks are a particularly dangerous problem to ignore, and the small undetectable ones are even more troublesome. These small leaks allow water to penetrate the roof assembly and, over time, cause massive amounts of damage. The worst part… read more

The Benefits of TAMKO® AstonWood® Shingles

Metal roofs have come a long way since the early days of corrugated galvanized steel roofing. Now, you can get metal shingles that resemble the look and feel of classic staples, such as cedar shakes, cement tiles and laminated shingles, but with all the benefits of a tough and long-lasting material. And, when it comes… read more

A Closer Look at CertainTeed® Starter Shingles

When it comes to maintaining your roofing system, you can have the best roof repair contractor in the country, but your roof is always going to be only as good as its installation. Quality workmanship and the right set of starter shingles are two important hallmarks of an effective and long-lasting roof. CertainTeed® has created… read more

Repairs vs. Replacement: Money Saving Tips for Your Roof

From rain showers to hailstorms to snow to the constant exposure to heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, your asphalt shingle roof gets beat every day. All these things factor into how much wear and tear your roof experiences. As the shingles age, they become more prone to damage, and you’ll be surprised to… read more