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Roof Maintenance

Residential & Commercial Roof Maintenance

Good roofing contractors include roof maintenance as part of their services for both homes and businesses. Roof maintenance is all too often put off until it’s too late. Don’t find yourself in need of a major roof repair because you didn’t have regular roof maintenance performed.

Our Roof Maintenance Services

Not all roofing contractors offer maintenance for residential and commercial steep-slope roofs, but Jack the Roofer does. Our entire team understands that roof maintenance helps your roof last longer and perform better. Our roofing maintenance plan includes:

  • Annual or semi-annual roofing inspections
  • Attic inspection for signs of leaks as well as proper insulation & ventilation
  • Resealing of flashing and areas around roof protrusions
  • Multi-point safety analysis
  • Debris removal
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Written report of the health of your roof plus any necessary or recommended repair

Why Call Us for Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance extends the life of your roof. If we inspect your roof regularly, we’ll be able to identify and fix small issues before they become costly problems. Roofing contractors shouldn’t be called only when there’s a problem; you want to proactively maintain your roof just like you maintain your car and HVAC system. In addition, because Jack the Roofer provides a written report about the state of your roof, you may have a better case in the event your insurance company doesn’t want to settle a storm damage repair claim fairly.

If we have a roof maintenance contract with you, we provide a discount on repair services too.

Schedule an Inspection Today

Whether you own or manage a multi-tenant building, a small commercial building with steep-slope roofing or are a homeowner, we want to be your roof maintenance company. Contact Jack the Roofer at least once a year for a roofing inspection and you’ll wonder why you ever called any other roofing contractors! Call (720) 722-2255 or fill out our contact form to schedule your roof maintenance inspection.