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Insurance Claims

We Provide Exceptional Roofing Services for All Insurance Claims

If you find yourself in need of roofing services due to hail, wind or fire damage, call Jack the Roofer. We’re an independent roofing company that accepts all insurance claims work. Don’t be pressured into using the roofer your insurance company recommends; do your research and hire one with the experience and professionalism to get the job done right.

How We’re Different

When you hire the insurance company your adjustor recommends, you’re hiring the company which offered the lowest fee. You don’t know what type of products the business uses or the training its installers have had. When you call Jack the Roofer for your roofing services after storm or fire damage, you’re calling a team of roofing professionals that has your best interests in mind. We’ll even meet with you and your adjustor if we don’t feel the settlement offer is fair based on the damage we see. Then we will properly perform the necessary repair or roof replacement while communicating with you throughout the process.

Residential & Commercial Insurance Claims Services

We can provide exceptional repair and replacement services for homes and multi-tenant buildings, as well as other steep-slope commercial buildings. Our insurance claims repair and replacement services are available to buildings with any brand asphalt shingles or concrete tile. We’ll work to carefully match the existing shingles in the case of a repair or find just the right new roofing material for your roof replacement.

Contact Us Today for Assistance

Don’t neglect storm damage. Call Jack the Roofer if you think you have damage. We’ll provide an independent and objective inspection and recommend the roofing services we believe are necessary. Once you have a report from your adjustor, compare their findings against ours. If they differ, call us and your adjustor so we can help you get a fair and complete settlement. Reach us today at (720) 722-2255 or by filling out our contact form.