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Hail Damage

Got Hail Damage? We’ve Got Solutions

Colorado has seen some severe hailstorms in recent years, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of property damage. When a hailstorm crashes through your neighborhood, don’t assume that your home escaped damage just because it looks OK. Instead, call Jack the Roofer for an inspection. We have over a decade of experience as a hail damage and roof leak repair company and will provide you with an honest evaluation.

The Hidden Dangers of Hail Damage

Sometimes hail damage doesn’t result in an immediate need for roof leak repair, that’s one of the dangers. When a strong storm rips the shingles from your roof, a roof leak may appear almost immediately. Hail damages shingles by bruising them and removing the protective granules, which leads to them slowly breaking down over time.

As the dents or bruises dry out, cracks form. With our frequent freeze-thaw cycles, even a little water in a crack in your shingle can turn into a leak quickly. To make matters worse, it’s tricky to repair your roof when there’s snow on it and temperatures are below freezing. Call Jack the Roofer as soon as you suspect hail damage or any need for roof leak repair.

Your Hail Insurance Claim

Your homeowner’s insurance should cover hail damage. However, you only have a limited time to file the claim once you realize that there is a problem with your roof. One of the issues with a hailstorm is that the damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye. It takes a trained inspector to spot hail damage and make the right recommendations. If you have called your insurance company and they are denying the claim or believe your roof was already damaged before the storm, we can help. A Jack the Roofer team member will meet with you and your adjustor, explain our findings and help you get your home restored.

Call for Help From the Colorado Roofing Professionals

Call Jack the Roofer today at (720) 722-2255 or fill out our contact form for a return call during business hours. You will find that we offer leading brands of shingles, many with new impact-resistant technology to avoid another hail damage claim. Plus, we offer an unbeatable five-year workmanship warranty and free consultations!