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Roofs for New Construction & Additions

Jack the Roofer’s roofing professionals design and install for new home construction and additions on time and within project estimates across Parker, Colorado. Choosing a local partner for your roofing job is advisable as we are available close to your job site, cutting down on travel time and expenses.

Your Roofing Partner for New Home Construction

Jack the Roofer has been a reliable roofing partner for a number of builders in Parker and surrounding communities. We are known for completing projects both on time and within budget, all while retaining a focus on quality and craftsmanship. We understand that project deadlines are everything in homebuilding, and will ensure that our teams get the job done on time, with materials ordered in advance and no last-minute surprises.

We can install nearly any roof style and material including asphalt and concrete. We will not work with substandard materials such as clay and other composites, which ensures that your final buyers will be happy with the home they buy. All warranties on materials are transferable to your homebuyers.

The process starts with the roof design, which we will work with your architect on. Once the design is approved, we are able to offer a new roof cost for each unit, as well as a reasonable time estimate for project completion.

Additions for Existing Roofs

Our process for additions is the same as the process for new home builds. We’ll work with your contractor and/or architect to select the right materials and design the roof, taking care to match or complement your existing roof so the addition doesn’t look out of place. This is possible with the right materials, and especially concrete tile since it can be manufactured in any required colour and texture. With Jack the Roofer, the roof for your addition may even be superior to your original roof – unless we’ve installed that too.

Contact Jack the Roofer today if you want to install a roof for your addition or new home build.