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Roof Certification

If you are buying or selling a home in or around Parker, Colorado, you may want to consider having your roof inspected and certified by a professional roofer. Doing so can help you avoid legal issues with the sale of your house, or if you are a buyer, purchasing a home with a roof that needs to be repaired or replaced. Jack the Roofer routinely carries out professional roof inspections and finds what a home inspector will miss.

Why a home inspector isn’t enough for your roof

We have lots of respect for what home inspectors do, and they are professionally trained to do it. However, they don’t have a roofing professional’s eye for problems with a roof, and a good one will refer you to a roofer for a roof certification if they think something may be wrong with the roof. In some cases, home inspectors may miss problems with the roof entirely, especially if the problem exists in hard-to-access areas such as gutters or gables. The end product of our work is a certificate that gives buyers additional peace-of-mind that they won’t have immediate costs associated with repairing their new home.

What your certificate and/or report will contain

Our roof certifications will certify that a roof will be free of major problems for five years, barring any damage from hail or any other uncontrollable conditions; this is better than the three years you’ll get from other local companies. In most cases, there is something that needs to be done to the roof in order to certify it. When this is the case, we’ll clearly lay out what the deficiencies are and provide an estimate for repair.

The roof certification process

The roof inspection and certificate issuance can both be done on the same day, provided the roof is clear of any issues.

Roof certification for home sellers

We will come out to the property and give you a certificate once the roof is clear of any issues that we find. If we find issues, we will give you a clear report detailing what needs to be fixed in order to receive certification, as well as an estimate for us to do the work. Depending on what needs to be done, we can often fix any issues and issue the certificate on the same day.

Roof certification for home buyers

We will go to the property at a time that is convenient for the seller and inspect the roof. If it requires repairs, we will issue a report to both yourself and the seller, and you can determine from there with the seller what needs to be done. If the roof is clear of issues, we will give you the certificate so that you have a record of our findings. Please note that you should have your own roof inspector even if the seller has done their own, for the same reason that you would have your own home inspection done.

Make sure your roof is in excellent condition, or find out what kind of condition the roof is in on a home you are buying. If you are going to be involved in a real estate transaction as a seller or buyer soon, contact Jack the Roofer for more information about roof inspections and certifications.