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roof replacement

Advantages of Working With a Roofer Offering Financing

Roof damage can happen out of nowhere, and it can be tough to deal with if you are not prepared for it financially. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to postpone repairing or replacing it, as doing so can expose your home to further damage, compromising its weather protection and structural integrity. The good news… read more

Why Roofing Contractors Don’t Recommend Roof-Overs

A roof-over is a method of installing a new layer of roofing on top of an existing one. While this might seem like a cost-effective and quick solution, a good roofer company will advise against this practice. Continue reading to find out why roofing contractors do not recommend roof-overs.… read more

Determining the Lifespan of Different Roofing Systems

Understanding the lifespan of your roof is crucial for effective home maintenance. To help you out, Jack the Roofer provides an overview of the average lifespan of residential roofs and the factors that influence it. We also explain the importance of regular inspections and professional maintenance.… read more

Tips for Securing Your Exterior During a Roof Replacement

Giving your home a fresh lease of life with a new roof is exciting. But did you know that the roof replacement process can bring potential harm to your home’s surroundings, including the garden and exteriors? The last thing you’d want is for your beautiful flowerbeds to be trampled or for falling debris to dent your siding.… read more

How to Protect the Most Sensitive Areas of Your Roof

Caring for your roof is essential to ensuring its longevity and protecting your home from water damage and other issues. While the entire roof structure needs attention, some parts are more vulnerable than others and require special care. In this article, the trusted roofers at Jack The Roofer share tips on how to care for your roof’s… read more