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Is Your New Roof Tax-Deductible?

When you’re in the market for a new roof, many homeowners ask, “is my new roof tax-deductible?” Your roofer company Jack The Roofer is here to help answer this question and guide you through what can and can’t be deducted from your taxes.… read more

Top 6 Culprits Behind Roof Failure

Having a good quality roof is essential for protecting the structure of your home. Unfortunately, roofs can fail due to a variety of reasons. In this blog post, Jack the Roofer takes a look at six common causes of roof failure to help you identify any potential problems with your roof before they become significant… read more

Can a Roofer Help You Navigate the Insurance Claim Process?

After an extreme weather event, calling a reputable roofing contractor to inspect and fix your roof should be your top priority. However, you also need to process your insurance claim to help you cover your roof repair or replacement costs. Fortunately, your roofer can also help you deal with insurance companies and meet their requirements.  … read more

The Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

Patching up a roof leak on your own can save you a little bit of money upfront. But there is a flip side to it – you risk letting the underlying cause of the issue fester and spread over time. Here, top-rated roofers share the reasons why you should call a professional instead of opting… read more