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Carbon Monoxide Leaks Resulting from Hail Damage

The best roof repair contractor might be able to fix cosmetic issues brought about by hail damage, but one of the things people don’t often realize is that these things can damage not just your roof, but also the structures within your roofing system as well. In this case, hail can end up damaging the ventilation system that takes care of removing carbon monoxide from within your residence.

What Can Cause CO Leaks

First off, let’s discuss what are the potential sources of carbon monoxide (CO). The most obvious – and ever-present – source is fuel. Anything that burns any kind of fuel is apt to release CO, especially if the combustion is incomplete. Cars are the most common sources, but gas pipes and even furnaces can be a source of CO.

A commercial roofer, on the other hand, will likely deal with CO emissions from air conditioning and heating systems as well as industrial cleaning agents. Whichever the source of CO, however, HVAC units are in place to ensure that the gas can easily be evacuated from the premises.

HVAC Damage

In order to keep them away from view, and also because hot air rises, HVAC vents and chimneys are usually kept overhead. Which is why when hailstorms damage the roof, these vents also tend to hit as well. After all, when a big chunk of ice makes a huge dent on the roof, everything underneath it gets affected.

The problem is, when the roof gets fixed, the vents tend to not get any attention, whether because the damage seems minimal or because the property owner doesn’t realize that there could be damage to the vent. This is especially true when the services of a steep-slope roofing contractor is needed due to the difficult nature of the repair job.

This is where things start getting rough; if the vent is damaged enough to keep CO from escaping, the gas has nowhere to go but back into the premises.

This is why hail can become the source of CO leaks – and also why you need to work with a trusted expert like Jack the Roofer. We are one of the most experienced steep slope roofers in your area, and will be able to repair any hail-oriented CO leaks in your home. Call us at (720) 722-2255, or fill out our contact form for a consultation. We serve clients in Denver, CO.