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A Look at Rookie Gutter Installation Mistakes

Even with the availability of experienced contractors in the state, plenty of people still opt to install their gutters by themselves. The problem is that it often leads to subpar results due to the installation being done improperly. This is usually because the one doing the installation doesn’t know everything there is to know when it comes to gutter installation, including how to avoid the following mistakes.

Improperly Leveled Gutters

Gutters seem straight and level at first glance. The fact is, they actually need to have a very slight pitch that helps with draining water into the downspouts. This pitch will also help the gutter eliminate some of the debris that accumulated in the gutter.

If you install gutters by yourself, and they get damaged because of an improper pitch (or even a lack of it), you might have issues filing insurance claims. Roofing insurance claims specialists might cite that as a potential reason for declining your insurance claim.

Too Many Seams

Unless you have a fabrication workshop, you probably won’t be making seamless gutters for your property. This is fine, but you have to remember one thing: seamed gutters shouldn’t have too many seams.

Seams are generally the weakest point of your gutters. Although they will definitely be welded to make sure that the gutter flow is continuous, you have to remember that the gutters will be exposed to the elements more than any other part of your home. The seal provided by any welding that you may have done will definitely wear out over time.

This means that the more of these seams that you have, the higher the likelihood you will be dealing with leaks eventually. A professional roofing storm damage contractor will probably set your gutters up in such a way that the seams are fewer and further apart to reduce the chances of leaks.

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