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How Hail, Ice and Snow Can Damage Your Roofs

You probably already have an idea that any form of water on your roof is never ideal, and this does not change much when winter arrives. In fact, this season is likely the time when hiring roofing contractors becomes fairly important.

That’s because the frozen form of water – ice through hail and even through snow – can be especially troublesome for your roof.

Hairline Cracks

The first issue you may need to deal with when it comes to hail is the fact that even if no obvious damage can be seen, it doesn’t mean that there is no damage at all. damaged.

But an expert will know that, sometimes, the true damage brought about by hail is the formation of hairline cracks or even gaps throughout your roof. These allow water into your roof.

Liquid water – the type you get when snow and ice melts from your roof – tends to fill up these cracks. This can eventually wear out the material and lead to the creation of leaks. But that’s not the biggest worry here.

Widening of the Cracks

When the water within these cracks refreeze, such as it will when the temperature once again dips below freezing, the water will freeze into ice – and expand and, in turn, so will the hairline cracks are bigger! What was originally a simple roof repair from hail damage is now a much bigger job.

If you encounter these issues with hail damage, give Jack the Roofer a call. We have the training and the equipment necessary to help you in checking for small damage brought about by hail. We serve clients in and around Denver.