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Enough Is Enough: It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself saying “here we go again” when calling for a roof repair for the second time in as many years. Roof repairs will only do so much, after all. Plus, repairing your roof again and again is actually more expensive than replacing it outright.

That said, not many people know when it’s more practical to replace your roof than keep on repairing it. If you spot these signs, a roof replacement may be in order.


This is the most telling, but some homeowners don’t know the exact age of their roof (especially if they have bought it from a previous owner). Consult the documents that came with the property, and ask them if possible.

A roof that’s over 20 years old will obviously need to be replaced as a typical asphalt shingle roof  will only last for two decades. In addition, most roofs will need more maintenance as they age. So, if you find yourself repairing the roof with increasing frequency, it might be time to look for a quote on a new roof.


This is another area where replacement is fairly obvious. This usually happens when your roof has endured weather damage, such as from a hailstorm. An aging roof is susceptible to damage as well. So, if you have a roof that’s damaged and aging, it’s time to call your contractor to see if the damage is severe enough that it warrants a replacement.


Finally, leaks happen mostly because of damage. If all damage has been addressed, your roof is fairly new, and you still experience leaks, it’s a good idea to call your contractor to inspect your roof and attic for what’s really happening. Depending on how bad the leaking problem is, you may have to replace your roof.

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