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2 Main Causes of Winter Roof Leaks

It’s ice yes, and it’s because of the increased cold, but these are reductionist, simplistic answers. In today’s post, Jack The Roofer, your trusted roofing storm damage contractor in the area, points to two likely culprits that cause winter roof leaks.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are probably the biggest cause. Ice dams form when ice on top of your roof melts because of uneven insulation. The warm interior air that rises escapes through uninsulated portions of the roof, which may trigger the ice settled on the uppermost areas of the roof to liquefy. When this happens, it will flow down your roof due to gravity but later refreeze on the lower areas, usually on the eaves, where it’s colder.

As a result, ice dams often block your gutters and form icicles over your roof eaves. This may look whimsical in a certain sense, but icicles are often a safety hazard, and blocked dams are a problem. The weight of all that ice may damage the gutter fasteners and pull them downward. And most commonly, water can’t flow freely through the gutters, where it will back up to your roof and leak through your ceiling and attic.

Roof maintenance companies often suggest making sure your roof is insulated for your climate to prevent ice dams. Plus, not only will you keep ice dams from forming but you will also lower your heating bills. Why? A more stable interior temperature that doesn’t leak doesn’t require excessive heating.

Condensation in the Attic

The second is a bit rarer. This happens when temperatures are below 10 degrees, where moist, warm air of the interior rises and meets the dry, cold roof deck, which can condense but quickly freeze over. However, when temperatures rise slightly, this frost will inevitably melt, which can leak through the ceiling.

This form of leak is not “leak” per se in the sense that outside water gets into your roof, but can damage your attic just the same. Our experts can offer you advice on how to best deal with this issue.

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