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Reading the Roof: What’s Normal, and What’s a Concern?

The roof is easily the most difficult part of the house to work on, and it’s not just because of its size and sheer complexity. The surface that covers your house is a difficult structure to read, and it often masks real problems under a facade.

Fortunately, with a keen eye and some prior knowledge, you can determine what’s normal and what’s a concern in regards to your roof.

What’s Normal for the Roof?

Signs of aging on the roof are “normal” in a sense that they naturally occur, but they are also a warning sign that the roof is starting to show its age. These usually manifest during the third or fourth year of its service life.

Fading shingles are the most common sign of roof aging and stems from overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light or wind-driven debris. Shingles that curl are also a “natural” occurrence since the shingle material will shrink with time.

Finally, naturally occurring cracks appear as a result of weathering, and they aren’t a cause for concern unless the crack itself penetrates through the shingle.

Real Roof Problems

On the flip side, the roof can experience certain problems that will need the immediate attention of a roof repair contractor. All of these can have a debilitating effect on the long-term performance of the roof and can also be a sign of a more complex problem.

Blisters that expose the shingles are a sign that the roof was not properly installed and is vulnerable to water intrusion. This often occurs alongside extreme granule loss, which further exposes the roof to the elements.

Shingles that buckle or distort are also a big concern since this is a possible sign that the roof lacks proper ventilation. Finally, if there are deep cracks that penetrate through the fiberglass mat of the shingle, this should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent leaks and long-term water damage.

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