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Best Practices When Filing Claims for Storm-Damaged Roofs

From severe hail to snowstorms, Mother Nature finds no shortage of disasters that will have you calling your local roofers for some urgent roofing service. Staying ahead of all these repairs and replacements can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Thankfully, many of the effects brought about by extreme weather and natural disasters are covered by your homeowners’ insurance.

Storm-Damaged Roofs

Navigating the ins and outs of insurance policies can be difficult, and even one small mistake can lead to your claim being denied. While terms and coverage differ from one provider to another, there are general rules that can help you maximize your insurance protection. 

Damage Control

Insurance companies tend to look at homeowners more favorably when they try to contain as much of the damage as possible. So, before you contact your local roofer for repairs, try to mitigate the storm damage on your roof as much as you can. This could mean temporarily covering holes on your roof with a tarp or even ensuring that you’re up-to-date with all your maintenance needs. The situation can vary so use your best judgment.

Document Everything

As you walk around your home to see the extent of the damage, take videos or photographs of your property, paying close attention to any visible problems on your roof. Write down the types of damage you incurred as well as the steps you’ve taken to resolve these issues. All this information can help you during the claims process.

Don’t Delay Repairs

Contact your local roof replacement company, and schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection as soon as the weather clears. Some problems can become worse when they are not fixed immediately, and taking on repairs quickly is an act of good faith.

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