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Fall Roof Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

Fall season marks the last chance to have your roof checked before the winter season starts. You need to make sure you do all the necessary preparations if you want to avoid roofing problems when winter comes. Here’s a quick guide to performing your roof maintenance this fall. 

Check Your Gutters

Fall brings about a lot of falling leaves that could end up in the gutter. If left unchecked, the leaves can clog the gutters, trapping water runoff that could later freeze into solid ice. To prevent problems related to ice dams, you need to have the gutters thoroughly clean. Installing gutter guards will also help reduce the amount of debris building up in your gutters.

Access Your Attic

Any roofer will tell you that one of the easiest ways to check your roof for problems is to check your attic. From there, it’s possible to spot early signs of leaks or mold formation. This is also the perfect time to check if your attic insulation is due for repairs or replacement.


Attic ventilation will keep heated indoor air from being trapped. This will prevent the snow from warming up, melting and refreezing into solid ice dams. A certified roofer will be able to tell if your roof and attic ventilation is adequate or if it needs to be improved.


Finally, we get to the outermost layer of the roof. A roofer can check your roof for signs of missing or warped shingles that can compromise your roof’s ability to act as a barrier against the harsh elements. In case of severe shingle damage, most experts recommend getting a total roof replacement.

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