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Flashing Mistakes That Put the Roof at Risk

Your roof’s flashing is supposed to protect parts of the roof that the shingles can’t completely cover. However, mistakes during installation and maintenance can cause problems with the flashing that can also compromise the rest of the roof’s components. Today, the leading asphalt roofing contractor in the area talks about these common mistakes. 

Focusing Too Much on the Shingles

While the shingles are the most prominent part of your roofing system, they’re not the only thing completely exposed to the elements. A lot of serious leaking issues can be traced back to the flashing strips being in very bad shape despite having a perfect set of shingles. Flashing strips need to be checked for warps, and the sealing must always be checked for cracks.

Using the Wrong Sealant

Some homeowners think that gaps along the shingles can be fixed as long as you keep jamming enough caulk on the gaps. Unfortunately, that isn’t an effective approach to fixing damaged strips or seals. Roofing experts say that the right sealant must be used, and heavily warped flashing must be completely replaced instead of repaired.

Incorrect Flashing Installation

Unlike the shingles which only have to be overlapped properly, installing the flashing can vary depending on the location and the type of gap being covered by the strip. For example, sidewall flashing strips must be about four inches wide and must be installed in a way that it channels water away from the wall instead of simply being plastered along the wall and roof edges.

Trying to DIY

Installing or repairing flashing requires careful measurements and the right tools. Because of this, we strongly recommend leaving the task to a certified roofing company. The pros can do the job faster with minimal risk and with a guarantee that your flashing will function perfectly.

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