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Yearly Archives: 2022

Ask These Questions to Make the Most of a Roof Inspection

Given how your roof is one of your biggest investments, you’ll want to take measures that retain its reliable weather performance and extend its life. This can be easily achieved by scheduling a professional roof inspection. But you’ll want to make the most of this service, so ask your choice of roof contractor the following… read more

3 Reasons to Love an Owens Corning® Roof

Brands don’t always matter, but in anything roof-related, they certainly do. If you’re planning a new roof installation this season, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting one from a trusted industry name. Check out the Owens Corning® asphalt shingle roofs offered by Jack The Roofer. They come with a number of exceptional features that… read more

Roof Underlayment: How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs

Some roof components are not as visible as the asphalt shingles, but this doesn’t make them any less important. Take the underlayment, for example. It refers to the thin waterproofing material installed between the deck and the shingles, providing the system with additional protection against water or moisture infiltration. When picking an underlayment for your… read more

How to Keep Your Roof Safe From Animals

Animal infestation poses serious threats to your roof and, if left unnoticed, to your entire home. Even by simply walking over your roof shingles, squirrels, raccoons and other critters contribute to the slow erosion of the granular surface of these materials. As a result, this problem will shorten your roof’s lifespan and put your home’s… read more

Homebuying Tips: 4 Roofing Questions to Ask

Asking detailed roofing questions to the seller is the most effective way to check whether or not a home is worth buying. This is because a roof’s condition can either make or break a property’s aesthetics, performance and value.  … read more