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Ask These Questions to Make the Most of a Roof Inspection

Given how your roof is one of your biggest investments, you’ll want to take measures that retain its reliable weather performance and extend its life. This can be easily achieved by scheduling a professional roof inspection. But you’ll want to make the most of this service, so ask your choice of roof contractor the following important questions: 

“How Old Is My Roof?”

A professional checkup identifies any issues your roof may have. But in order to solve these same problems, and get a much better idea of your roof’s maintenance requirements, its exact age has to be determined. A trusted residential roofing and gutter company like Jack The Roofer will be able to accurately pinpoint your roof’s age based on the:

  • Type and quality of the roofing material
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Method of installation
  • Frequency of repair and maintenance

“Is Proper Attic Ventilation Truly Important?”

Your roof is not just the shingles; it’s actually made up of layered components all working together to keep your home safe from weather damage. Attic ventilation is one of these critical components, and it does, in fact, directly affect your roof’s longevity and performance. You’ll want to ask your choice of roofer if the existing vents in the space will need some work or a complete upgrade. With sufficient attic ventilation, you can promote smooth and consistent airflow in the attic, which, in turn, prevents heat and moisture buildup that cause premature aging on the roof materials above. Proper ventilation can also stop mold and rot from developing in the space, helping keep the integrity of the roof structure intact.

“Can I Do Something to Prevent Roof Issues?”

Roof maintenance is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility. If you want to avoid recurring roof problems or even a premature roof replacement, take the opportunity to ask your roofing contractor for anything you can do to keep the system in top form.

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