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Is Covering Your Roof Vents in Winter a Good Idea?

Your roof has a ventilation system that promotes air circulation in and out of the attic. As long as the intake and exhaust vents remain unobstructed, the chances of heat and moisture buildup are slim to none. However, some homeowners believe that covering them during the winter season helps prevent heat loss inside their homes. But is it a good idea? Your trusted roofer company has this to say about this notion. 

No, It’s Not a Good Idea

Covering the roof vents whenever the cold season comes around is not necessary. It doesn’t matter if your roof utilizes mechanical or natural ventilation; the vents must be kept open to ensure air circulation within the attic.

Blocking the vents traps the heated air inside the attic space, causing the roof to warm up. This, in turn, melts the snow that has accumulated on your roof. As water flows down toward the eaves and gutters, it refreezes, resulting in ice dams that can cause issues to your roof and the rest of your home. This is one of the many reasons why every roofer advises against covering either the intake or exhaust vents during the winter months.

No, It Doesn’t Lead to Energy Loss

The notion of covering the roof vents as a way to prevent the loss of heat inside the home is a mere misconception. Cool air entering the attic won’t cause your furnace or heat pump to work twice as hard to provide consistent indoor comfort. As long as your attic is properly insulated, any heating energy provided by your HVAC system won’t reach your attic and dissipate.

However, if you find some of the rooms are slightly colder than what is indicated on your thermostat, it might be time to check the insulation up in your attic. Damaged or failing insulation needs to be addressed as soon as possible, or you might end up paying more on your heating bills over the next few months. 

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