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The 4 Most Common Causes of Clogged Gutters

Gutters are essential to keeping your property dry and damage-free. They divert water away from your home, preventing moisture damage to your siding, foundations and landscaping. Like most components of your home’s exteriors, they must be cared for regularly to ensure they are working as intended. 

Part of keeping your gutter system cleaned and well-maintained is understanding the factors that cause them to get clogged. 

1. Leaves and Debris 
Congestion is a year-round gutter issue, but it’s more prevalent in the fall. Trees shed leaves during this time, which can then accumulate in your gutters. This obstructs the flow of water runoff through your gutters, compromising their ability to direct it away from your home. Be sure to keep trees around your house pruned to avoid this problem.

2. Bird’s Nests 
Birds can build their nests in your gutters if there are leaves and twigs inside. Squirrels and other wildlife are attracted to organic debris as well, causing your gutters to become their breeding grounds. Routine inspections and cleanups are critical in preventing them from taking up real estate in your gutters. When dealing with bird’s nests, be sure to follow local wildlife laws.

3. Weeds 
Weeds can grow in the harshest conditions, and frequently all a seed needs to take root is a small bit of moisture. If you have debris in your gutters, particularly rotting leaves, be mindful that it can encourage the growth of weeds, which you should prevent. Keep your roofing system clear of leaves to prevent weeds from developing in your gutters. Check for dirt buildup in your rain gutter slope as well.

4. Sludge 
When rotting leaves, pine needles and animal nests are left in gutters unchecked, they decompose into a black, slimy substance. This will adhere to the system, preventing your gutters from properly draining water runoff. To avoid this problem, keep your gutters clean and unclogged.

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