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4 Reasons to Get Your Roof Replaced This Spring

As winter draws to a close and spring approaches, it’s a good time to consider what home improvement tasks to prioritize in the months ahead. That said, a roof replacement is something worth your consideration. If your roof is already past its lifespan, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in a new one. Here are four reasons why: 

1. Better Weather 
Having your old roof removed in the winter may allow cool air to enter your home, causing discomfort. Your contractor might also find it difficult to proceed with the job when it is chilly outside. To avoid injury, they must exercise extra caution while walking on a slippery roof. But because spring weather tends to be milder and more pleasant, you can expect your chosen team of roofers to complete the installation more quickly and efficiently.

2. Taxes and Refunds 
A big percentage of the American population submits their tax returns in the spring. Thus, you can put your tax refund to good use by strengthening your home’s structural integrity with a new roof. That, combined with roof regular maintenance moving forward, helps extend the life of a home.

3. Availability of Roofers 
Compared to summer and fall, spring is a “slow” roofing season. Most homeowners rush to finish their roofing projects before winter, with late summer to early October being the busiest time for most roofing contractors. During this period, many homeowners have to wait up to a month before a roofer takes up their project. This won’t be a problem in spring when there’s less demand for contractors.

4. Cost-Effective Project 
Since spring is a slow season for roofers, you’ll have more contractors to choose from as well as a more competitive market. As a result, you’ll be able to find the right roofing company for the best price. Roofing suppliers raise their prices during the busy season as well, with rates normally rising in the late summer and early fall. You can get the most out of your roofing project when you plan and schedule it this spring.

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