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4 Best Practices for Commercial Roof Management

Property owners and facilities managers should prioritize certain best practices for managing and maintaining their commercial roofing systems to preserve the property’s long-term value. Otherwise, it could become a costly investment, especially once leaks and subsequent interior damage start to emerge. Today, we share four of the management best practices for commercial roofing systems. 

1. Collect Data About Your Roof

Gather all information about your commercial roofing system. Warranties, roof dimensions, maintenance and repair documents, personnel work records and alterations or upgrades to rooftop mechanical equipment should all be collected and documented.

2. Conduct Regular Inspections

Regular inspections and condition assessments are critical to ensuring the commercial roof’s performance and longevity. Information regarding present circumstances will influence future judgments about needed repairs and upkeep. Diagnosing and correcting concerns quickly saves money, minimizes roof damage and delays deterioration.

3. Limit Roof Access

To effectively extend the life of your roofing system, make sure to control access and rigorously document who, what, when and where activities occur on the roof. Unauthorized personnel or poorly trained roofers can cause extensive damage to roofs in many circumstances. Proposing a written guideline outlining roof access and allowed roof work is a sensible idea.

4. Hire the Right Contractor

You should choose a reputable commercial roofing company to maintain your roof. Professional roofers follow safety rules, construction codes and manufacturer recommendations. They know how to repair any type of roof damage. Your chosen contractor should have a proven track record and the credentials to ensure your roof remains in top shape for the entirety of its serviceable life.

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