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Best Practices for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs are exposed to different weather conditions throughout the year. Fortunately, with proper maintenance, you can extend your roof’s lifespan and maintain excellent roof performance. 

To give you an idea of how to properly care for your commercial roof, these are some best practices that you should observe.

Safety First

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines must be strictly implemented during roof maintenance work to ensure safe working conditions for all roofers. Furthermore, as the owner of the property, you may be held liable for accidents or injuries that occurred during work hours if your roofing contractor has no insurance. So, apart from making sure they are compliant with OSHA guidelines, you should also check for proof of the company’s insurance.

Regular Roof Inspections

Schedule roof inspections on a regular basis so that a professional roofer can give you an assessment of your roof’s overall condition. Through roof inspections, they can identify vulnerable or compromised areas in your roofing system that need repairs. These inspections can also help you determine when you will likely be needing a replacement, giving you enough time to prepare for the expenses.

Bi-Annual or Annual Maintenance

A bi-annual or annual roof maintenance schedule is recommended for commercial buildings or structures. During maintenance, your contractor will clean your roof and perform any necessary repairs.

Advanced Inspection and Testing Methods

Infrared thermal mapping, drones, high- and low-voltage leak detection, and other advanced inspection and testing equipment can make it easier and safer for the inspector to check the overall condition of your roof. Look for a roofing company that is equipped with such tools and equipment.

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