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Replacing Gutters and the Roof at the Same Time

Just like your roof, gutters play a vital role in helping you maintain the beauty, functionality and structure of your home. They protect your property from water damage by keeping rainwater away from your yard, basement and foundation. Since they’re located near your roof, you may also consider getting new gutters when replacing your roof. 

To help you decide whether to replace your roof and gutters at the same time, here’s some advice.

When to Get New Gutters

If you notice your gutters are damaged or in need of repairs, replacing them along with your roof would be a practical choice. Common signs include cracks, sagging, water damage, peeling of paint and rust marks on your home’s exterior. Just make sure the gutter system is thoroughly inspected before replacing it. 

Apart from gutter issues, there are also other reasons you should consider replacing your gutters and roof at the same time. Typically, replacing them in one go is more cost-effective in terms of labor and materials. It also ensures your roof is properly protected from water-related damage resulting from damaged or ineffective gutters.

When to Keep Your Existing Gutters

Generally, if your gutters are new and well-maintained, there’s no need to replace them along with your roofing system. In case some issues arise, consult a professional roofer to check what the problems are and the possible solutions to them. Sometimes, a repair is all that is needed. 

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