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Roof Flashing Failure: What You Need to Know

Your roof has various components protecting it against leaks and water damage. One of which is flashing. A roofer usually installs it around penetrations like vents, chimneys and skylights. 

Discover what causes roof flashing failure and how to prevent it in this post. 

Causes of Roof Flashing Failure 

Improper Installation

Poorly installed flashing can loosen over time due to incorrect nail placement or fastening materials. As a result, water will seep beneath shingles, causing leaks and more serious problems. 

Poor Maintenance

Constant exposure to the elements can weaken roof flashing over time. Regular inspections and maintenance can help catch early signs of corrosion, allowing you to address them immediately. 

Harsh Weather

High winds, heavy rains and hail storms can all damage roof flashing. If it already has imperfections, it will even be more vulnerable to the elements. After a weather event, it’s best to schedule a professional roof inspection. Let your contractor handle the repairs if they find signs of damage. 

Substandard Materials

A reputable roof replacement company will always use quality materials to ensure your investment lasts long. Substandard products usually fail early and don’t perform as well as their high-quality counterparts. 

Warning Signs Of Roof Flashing Failure

Cracking or Splitting 

Contact a professional for repairs if you notice cracks on the surface of your flashing. It usually means that its seal has started deteriorating. 

Warping or Bending 

Exposure to temperature extremes typically causes flashing to warp or bend. You shouldn’t take these issues lightly because they can create gaps where leaks could occur and cause extensive water damage.


Prolonged exposure to metals, like zinc and aluminum, causes corrosion. It can spread and cause further problems to your roof’s structure and appeal.


Have you been experiencing persistent leaks at home? It could be because of flashing issues on your chimneys, skylights or vents. Schedule a professional inspection immediately and get repairs if necessary. 

Quick action is vital to permanently dealing with flashing issues. For your safety and to avoid further damage, leave the job to experienced an experienced roofer. You can count on Jack the Roofer for superior roof repair and replacement services. Call us at (720) 722-2255 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation. We work with clients in Parker, Castle Rock and nearby communities.