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How to Deal With Shingle Blow-Offs

Shingle blow-offs occur when shingles come loose from the roof due to high winds or severe weather. This can be a costly and time-consuming problem for homeowners in Parker, CO, if not addressed promptly and correctly. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to address this issue quickly and effectively before having to call in roofing contractors serving the Castle Rock area.

Inspect Roof for Damage

The first step is to inspect your roof for any visible signs of damage. Look for cracked, warped or missing shingles and other potential areas of concern, such as broken flashing or torn underlayment. If you find any damaged areas on the roof, you should have them repaired before proceeding further.

Re-nail Any Loose Shingles

You should re-nail any loose shingles that may be present. You should also check for nail pops or rusty nails and replace them with new galvanized nails. Make sure to hammer the nails firmly into place but not so tightly that they damage the shingle material.

Replace Any Missing Shingles

If there are any missing shingles on your roof, replace them as soon as possible to prevent further water damage. It is best practice to use a similar type of shingle when replacing those that were lost due to wind or weather damage for them to match properly with your existing roof material.

Check for Proper Underlayment

In addition to inspecting and replacing damaged or missing shingles, ensure that your underlayment is adequately secured and intact before continuing with other repairs. This layer helps protect your home from moisture penetration which can lead to mold growth and structural issues. Underlayment materials should be free of tears or rips before proceeding further with your repair or roof replacement in the Aurora area. 

Secure Shingles to the Roof Deck 

Once you have inspected for proper underlayment coverage, you can then move on to securing each shingle back into place by nailing each one securely into its designated spot on the deck beneath it. Be careful not to overdrive each nail to avoid unnecessary damage.

Have a Professional Roofing Company Re-shingle 

If you are not confident doing it yourself, you may want to contact a roof repair company serving the Castle Rock area to ensure a proper re-shingle process. You can trust Jack the Roofer in Centennial, CO. Our team can ensure every part of your roof has been restored to high standards. Contact us today at (720) 722-2255 for a free estimate.