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5 Ways Trees Can Cause Damage to Your Roof and Home

Trees in the yard offer many benefits: they provide shade, prevent soil erosion and shield your home from high winds. However, there’s the other side of having them on your property. In today’s post, Jack The Roofer takes a look at how trees can cause damage to your roof and home.

  1. Sharp branches can scratch the rooftop. Sharp branches close to the roof can scratch the rooftop. On asphalt shingles, they can remove the outer granule layer and expose the asphalt layer to UV damage. On sheet metal roofs, branches can remove the outer coating and expose the bare metal to corrosion. To reduce the risks of damage, have an arborist trim the branches regularly. Ideally, there should be about 10 feet of clearance between the outermost branches and the rooftop.
  2. Leaves and debris can clog the gutters. Leaves, needles and twigs can fall on the rooftop and accumulate in the gutters, which may result in clogs — and all the damage it entails. In addition to trimming the trees and regularly cleaning the gutters, consider investing in gutter covers.
  3. Tree roots may infiltrate the house foundations. Tree roots spread sight unseen, and can cause damage to the house foundations unless root barriers are properly placed around the building. Whether you’re planting a new tree or are trying to prevent potential damage, an arborist can provide guidance on how to place root barriers without harming the tree.
  4. Branches can give animals access to the roof. Overhanging branches can give small animals access to your rooftop and into unprotected vents, and may even end up trapped in unseen areas of your home. Have the tree branches trimmed by a professional as described above, and make sure that potential entry points like air vents and chimney flues are properly covered when not in use.
  5. A storm can cause fallen branches or a felled tree. Trees can cause damage to the roof or house if branches break off or if the entire tree falls during a storm. Regular tree maintenance can help reduce the risks of falling branches. Also, if you have the option to pick the tree species, avoid the ones with lateral root systems. They spread horizontally instead of digging deep (unlike those with tap root or oblique root systems), which makes them more vulnerable to being uprooted.

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