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The Importance of Choosing the Correct Gutter Size

Water is one of the biggest enemies of your roofing system. One way you can protect your home from it is by investing in top-quality gutters. When it comes to these components, the right size can make all the difference. Your trusted roofer in Parker, CO, explains the importance of installing the right gutter size below.

Why You Need the Correct Gutter Size

Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage. They catch the rainwater that runs off your roof and guide it safely away from your home’s landscaping and foundation. If your gutters are too small, they can’t handle heavy rainfall, which could cause an overflow that can damage your siding or foundation. Meanwhile, an excessively big gutter run may look out of place when seen from the curb.

How to Determine the Right Gutter Size

The size and slope of your roof influences the size of the gutters you need for your home. Since larger roofs or those with steeper slopes will generate more runoff, you need bigger gutters. Additionally, you should also consider local weather conditions. If you live in an area with frequent rainfall and heavy snowfall, you’ll likely need bigger gutters. 

Common Gutter Sizes

Most residential homes utilize 5-inch gutters. They’re cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and sufficient for your average suburban home. However, if your home is more significant or your locale experiences heavy rainfall, 6-inch gutters might be the way to go. They can handle 40% more volume than their 5-inch counterparts, effectively preventing overflow during heavy rainstorms. For homes with unique needs, don’t forget to consult roofers about custom sizes.

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