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A Guide to Proper Roof Replacement While Living in an HOA

Roof replacement is an extensive, time-consuming job that requires expertise and a substantial financial investment. Additional steps to get this done are required, however, if you live in a community governed by a homeowners’ association (HOA). Read on as the local roofers at Jack The Roofer explain more below.

Understanding Homeowner and HOA Responsibilities

As a homeowner, you are generally responsible for keeping your property in good condition. This includes making sure your roof undergoes repairs and maintenance. Meanwhile, your HOA enforces community rules and guidelines to maintain the overall look and feel of the neighborhood, which often extends to the type, color, and design of roofing materials and other components of the home exteriors. 

Before tackling a roof replacement, it is important to understand your HOA agreement to know who’s responsible for what. Single-family households within a gated community, for instance, are usually individually responsible for the roof above their property.

Why Seek HOA Approval for Roof Replacement?

In communities managed by an HOA, you typically have to get approval before having your roof replaced. HOAs aim to keep unity in home design throughout the community. As such, they often have rules for exterior modifications to ensure all houses remain aesthetically similar. By maintaining a consistent aesthetic, HOAs help safeguard the community’s overall property value, which can be beneficial when homeowners decide to sell.

If you ignore the HOA’s guidelines and move forward without the board’s approval, you might be forced to undo the work or pay fines or penalty fees. In the worst-case scenario, the HOA could place a lien on your property until you meet the requirements.

Tips to Get Your Roof Replacement Approved by the HOA

Keep in mind these tips when you decide to have your roof replacement approved by the HOA board:

  • Understand the rules. Before starting any work, understand the HOA’s guidelines. Know what kinds of materials and colors are permissible. This information will be outlined in your HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs).
  • Provide detailed plans. Give your HOA detailed project plans, including information about materials, color, and the roofer company you plan to hire. The more information you give, the better.
  • Communicate and cooperate. Stay in regular communication with your HOA board. Attend meetings and ensure you cooperate fully to increase your chances of approval.

Let Jack The Roofer Assist You!

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