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Tips for Securing Your Exterior During a Roof Replacement

Giving your home a fresh lease of life with a new roof is exciting. But did you know that the roof replacement process can bring potential harm to your home’s surroundings, including the garden and exteriors? The last thing you’d want is for your beautiful flowerbeds to be trampled or for falling debris to dent your siding. Read on as Jack The Roofer explores essential strategies to minimize potential damage and preserve your property’s beauty during this crucial renovation process.

Safeguard Windows 

Windows are predominantly vulnerable to falling debris during a roof replacement. To protect them, consider covering them with plywood or heavy-duty plastic sheets. Be sure to secure these coverings to prevent them from dislodging while the pros work on your roof.

Protect Walls and Siding

Layers of drop cloths or tarps around the perimeter of your house can help protect your home’s siding and walls from damage. They can cushion the impact and collect falling debris.

Secure Exterior Features

Outdoor features like air conditioning units, outdoor kitchens, or decorative elements should be adequately covered or protected. This will prevent damage from falling materials, dust, or accidental contact by the workers.

Preserve Your Landscaping

Before the project begins, trim branches close to the roofing area. This action reduces the potential of them getting damaged or becoming a potential hazard. Another tip is to cover flower beds, bushes, and shrubbery with tarps or netting, shielding them from falling debris.

Clear Pathways

Ensure clear pathways for workers to access the roof and move around safely. This might involve temporarily moving outdoor furniture, garden tools, or decorations to a safer location.

Ensure Post-Project Cleanup

A professional roofing contractor should offer cleanup services as part of their roof repair or replacement package. However, doing an additional personal sweep for any unnoticed debris or nails that could pose a risk to your family or pets is vital.

Work With Professionals

Choose a reputable roofing contractor that values your property. Well-established professionals tend to take precautionary measures to guard your home exterior and garden during the roof replacement. Ensure your roofing contractor is licensed and insured, and boasts positive reviews to guarantee a smooth, risk-free roof replacement process.

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