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How to Keep Your Roof Safe From Animals

Animal infestation poses serious threats to your roof and, if left unnoticed, to your entire home. Even by simply walking over your roof shingles, squirrels, raccoons and other critters contribute to the slow erosion of the granular surface of these materials. As a result, this problem will shorten your roof’s lifespan and put your home’s… read more

Homebuying Tips: 4 Roofing Questions to Ask

Asking detailed roofing questions to the seller is the most effective way to check whether or not a home is worth buying. This is because a roof’s condition can either make or break a property’s aesthetics, performance and value.  … read more

Can a Roofer Help You Navigate the Insurance Claim Process?

After an extreme weather event, calling a reputable roofing contractor to inspect and fix your roof should be your top priority. However, you also need to process your insurance claim to help you cover your roof repair or replacement costs. Fortunately, your roofer can also help you deal with insurance companies and meet their requirements.  … read more

Top 3 Reasons to Consider 6-Inch Gutters

Proper sizing is one of the things you should keep in mind when buying gutters as it can impact the system’s functionality and efficiency. Generally, five-inch gutters are used by homeowners since this size is suitable for most types of roofs and weather conditions. However, it can be more practical to upgrade to six-inch gutters,… read more

Gutter Installation Practices You Can Expect From the Pros

A good gutter system is crucial to the overall health of your roof. Without functional gutters, rainwater or snowmelt will not be able to properly drain from your roof and into a drainage in the ground. This can lead to all sorts of water-related problems, like basement flooding and soil erosion.  … read more