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A Beginner’s Guide to Roof Replacement Deductibles

The subject of deductibles can be uncharted territory for the newly-minted and not-so-new homeowners. However, understanding it is important, particularly if the roof replacement is prompted by damage caused by a storm or similar conditions. In today’s post, local roofer company Jack The Roofer shares a quick guide to roof replacement deductibles.… read more

Why Finding a Good Roofer Early Is Always Worth It

Planning for the future is always a smart move, and that includes planning for home maintenance and repairs. For most homeowners, establishing a relationship with a reputable roofer even before you need a roof replacement offers several benefits. Jack the Roofer delves into why finding a good roofer early on is beneficial and how we… read more

Determining the Lifespan of Different Roofing Systems

Understanding the lifespan of your roof is crucial for effective home maintenance. To help you out, Jack the Roofer provides an overview of the average lifespan of residential roofs and the factors that influence it. We also explain the importance of regular inspections and professional maintenance.… read more

Effective Ways to Mitigate Winter Roof Damage

The onset of winter brings not just chilly temperatures and shorter days, but also a host of challenges for homeowners. One of the most significant of these is the potential damage to your roof caused by harsh winter weather. In this post, Jack the Roofer explores common causes of winter roof damage and how to… read more

Tips for Securing Your Exterior During a Roof Replacement

Giving your home a fresh lease of life with a new roof is exciting. But did you know that the roof replacement process can bring potential harm to your home’s surroundings, including the garden and exteriors? The last thing you’d want is for your beautiful flowerbeds to be trampled or for falling debris to dent your siding.… read more