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Is Roof Replacement Possible During Winter?

Conventional wisdom states that roof replacement, as well as other home improvements that expose the interiors to the elements, should be done during the summer. However, what if roof replacement can’t wait? Is it possible to get a new roof installed? Local roofing company Jack The Roofer takes a look at whether such a project… read more

Why Roofing Work in Late Spring Is a Great Idea

Seasoned homeowners will tell you that the best time to schedule roofing work is during the summer. They’re right, of course — this is why it is the busiest season for builders and contractors. However, you can schedule roofing work during most other times of the year. In today’s post, the local roofing contractors at… read more

What to Expect When Getting a Roofing Estimate

Getting a roofing estimate is a crucial first step in getting your roof fixed or replaced. It may not be complicated, but knowing what to expect can help you with important decisions — one of which is choosing which roofing company to hire. In today’s post, the asphalt roofing contractors at Jack The Roofer share… read more

Is It Important for Homeowners to Know Their Roof’s Age?

Roofs are expected to last a certain number of years, and knowing its age can be helpful when you need to make informed decisions about roof repair and maintenance. But what if you don’t know its exact age? In today’s post, local roofer company Jack The Roofer takes a look at why homeowners should know their roof’s… read more