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What to Expect When Getting a Roofing Estimate

Getting a roofing estimate is a crucial first step in getting your roof fixed or replaced. It may not be complicated, but knowing what to expect can help you with important decisions — one of which is choosing which roofing company to hire. In today’s post, the asphalt roofing contractors at Jack The Roofer share a quick guide to the things you should expect when getting a roofing estimate.

What Happens During a Roofer Appointment?

You can find local roofers through several sources: local classifieds, recommendations from friends and family, or an online search for a roofer near you. Take the time to look up their qualifications and customer feedback, which should help narrow down your list. If you already have a specific roofing brand in mind, you can further narrow down your search to just designated or certified contractors. By this time, you should have a short list of prospective contractors. Schedule an appointment with each of them, spreading the appointments across a few days without overlapping.

Upon arrival, a representative from the prospective roofer will first talk to you and discuss your plans for the roof. They will then inspect the roof to assess its condition. This will determine how much work needs to be done — how much of the existing framing can be retained for use, how much repair work is needed, and if restoration work will be required. The roofing planes will also be measured to determine how much material will be needed.

After the Inspection

At the end of the inspection, the representative will once again discuss with you the scope of the roofing work, including material selection and estimated project timeline. Keep in mind that not everything is set in stone at this point. You can pick different options and your prospective roofer should be able to recalculate the total cost. You will then receive a copy of the estimate (usually digital; a physical copy may be hand-delivered at a later date) that you can and should review before signing.

You may end up with multiple estimates after meeting with just as many prospective roofers. When comparing estimates, don’t just go for the one with the lowest offer. Compare details such as the roofing product, estimated timelines and warranty coverage, among others. Check whether the roofer has their own installers or if they subcontract labor to others. Keeping in mind that their work will stay with you for the next 20 years or so, it’s better to treat it as an investment and choose the estimate that is best for your home.

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