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Caring for a Commercial Roof This Winter

The roof keeps your property safe from the exterior elements. But its strength and reliability are tested at least once a year – during winter. The combination of snowfall and the low, freezing temperatures can easily damage a roof that’s not up to par.

Therefore, caring for a roof in the dead of winter should be a priority for anyone, especially for commercial property owners.

Schedule an Inspection

In general, you should have your roof checked at least once a year. The best time to do so is during fall, but if you can afford the time (or if it’s not going to affect your tenants’ operations that much), you should also have one done during spring.

Still, don’t just rely on scheduled inspections. In winter, where snowfall, hailstorms or blizzards can happen so suddenly, it’s a good idea to ask your roofer to check for damage as soon as the weather clears. This will potentially save you so much time and money later on if the roof inspection identifies something that could break by the next snow fall. And, this is as true for asphalt shingle installation on homes as it is for PVC roofing on buildings.

Maintain Your Rooftop Equipment

Most commercial buildings store some equipment atop their roof that would otherwise be an eyesore elsewhere. If yours does, it’s a good idea to keep them clean and well-maintained. Make sure your maintenance contractors care for the equipment according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that all penetrations on the roof are flashed properly. Also, verify that the procedure for rooftop equipment maintenance won’t damage the roof.

Trust Only Reliable Contractors

You shouldn’t just entrust your roofing job to anybody. Choose a reliable roofing contractor with a license and certifications. Only these credentials can distinguish a roofer that knows their stuff from the rest; otherwise, you’d risk letting inexperienced workers damage your roof even further.

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